Welcome to the Working Together Early Years Hub

Working Together is one of three Early Years Hubs funded by the Greater London Authority to improve children’s life chances in London. Led by Newham’s Nursery Schools, in partnership with Newham’s Best Start in Life team, Working Together includes private and voluntary sector setting partners, childminders, schools and the East London Early Years and Schools Partnership Teaching School Alliance.


Read Working Together – Our Vision and Working Together Partners Delivery Plan 2019.

We aim to:

  • Improve the quality and inclusion of early education in Newham so that we make a positive difference to all children’s life chances
  • Increase the quality and supply of the early years workforce in line with the creation of new places
  • Ensure that at least 75% of disadvantaged two year olds in Newham access a free early education place, so that the most disadvantaged children won’t be left behind in future

We offer:

  • A free Professional Development programme for practitioners
  • A Mentor with expertise in early education to support settings with termly self-assessment and action planning visits
  • Half termly network development meetings for settings in each quadrant
  • Free pre-employment training for those who want to work in early years education, including functional skills (Maths and English) courses,
  • confidence and self-esteem building, Level 2/3 early years qualifications, Level 3 Apprenticeships, and Teaching Assistant qualifications

To find out more, contact:

Sheringham Nursery School
Newham Early Years and Childcare
Mayor of London / London Assembly Early Years and Childcare

Our partners:

East London Early Years and Schools Partnership
Edith Kerrison Nursery School
Ellen Wilkinson Primary School
Kay Rowe Nursery School
Oliver Thomas Nursery School
Rebecca Cheetham Nursery School
Ronald Openshaw Nursery Education Centre
St Stephen’s Nursery School
Sheringham Nursery School
London Borough of Newham
Alpa Patel – childminder
Honey Kaur – childminder
Koolkidze Ltd Nursery
Priya Kanabar
Tracey Warden – Early Education Practitioner
Wisdom Kids
Newham Adult Learning Service
0-19 Children’s Health Service